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Prior to 17 Dec 2010, I was a loyal Gevalia customer. This company is definitely under new management.

Never in the history of ordering coffee have I been so mis-handled as a customer. After 3 attempts to order on-line and receiving error message i made the mistake of calling Gevalia. Was told they could no longer deliver coffee to this address, "do you have another address, we'll send it there"? But I live at this address.

"Sorry, the computer says we can't deliver to this address. Today, 27 Jan the issue remains unresolved. I have spoken to Jennifer twice, Ren, Kathy, Mark, Raf, James. Used the contact "secure" email 3 times, never received a reply.

Wanted to wait on the line for someone 4 times, they'll come back to the phone to tell me the service rep is the phone and will call me within 24 hours. Phone call never came. Call back, apparently they have been calling but I didn't answer. Fat chance of that I am immobile and leave the house only with assistance.

By the way, not once was a message left. Then received a letter 13 Jan with their personal executive number, 800-343-8254, signed by Bryan, just "Bryan". Of course he was on the line and please leave a detailed message and he will call back within the same 24hr period. Called 5 consecutive days.

Same message...What a busy man!!! I guess the clincher is the part on the letter stating, "if we do not hear from you, we will "***"ume this matter has been resolved to your satisfaction".

It's no longer about the coffee, it's about business/consumer professionalism. They offer a good coffee and tea product.

Just not good enough to accept this treatment.

I don't know what to do next. But I will do something.

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Customer service is a dead art. I would rather pay more, and I have, for excellent customer service.

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