Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania

I have been a customer for many years off and on and renewed a few months ago. I was sent the usual free gifts but have had a real problem with your travel mugs. I have called twice and they have sent me new ones and everytime it's the same problem they leak. You either have to drink with the top off or wear a bib. I can't be the only one having this problem, they are either poorly made or are missing a gasket at the top. You wear as much as your drink.

James Hannah

105 Mitchell Road

Airville PA 17302


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We have had the same leaky problem!!!


Fortunately, I have not had Gevalia Customer Service problems.I have had to cancel my orders twice and never had a problem with them sending me unauthorized shipments or charging extra shipments to my charge card.

However, I too have experienced leaking problems from every travel mug I have received from Gevalia.I've learned to order them again.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #168432

Or perhaps it is you who does not know how to drink properly. Maybe a sippy cup is more fitting to your style.

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