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I've been buying Gevalia for well over 3 yrs.

All of a sudden, I'm receiving a notice from North Shore Agency( a collection agency) stating I owe $39.70 to Gevalia. I called Gevalia and I was told they have no credit card on file.

The credit card that was being charged has not expired yet. So, what kind of business are they running that they send their customers to a collection agency without notifying the customer first?!

A persons credit could be damaged by this kind of practice. In the future, I will no longer buy Gevalia.

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I have had run ins with NORTH SHORE

collections also, And they was real/not

bogus then... check them out on the

internet- they're REAL


I paid for the last order of coffee from this horrible company and now I,ve just received two collection letters from this North Shore agency.

I'm really pissed off.


I had a similar experience but my complaint was with the product, the coffee maker, not their collection practices. The first machine lasted about a month as did the second and the third was just over a month.

At that point I was done with them and the ex wife inherited that one in the divorce so I have no idea about their collection techniques but their product is bad,bad,bad.

They were good about replacing it, but I had to pay the outrageous shipping charges each time. Will never spend another dime there.


Thay Did The Same To Me Also. Turn Me In To North Shore Collection Agency And Did Not Contact Me First

I Found On Here At Pissed Consumer That Notrh Shore Just A Bogus Agency.Not Real.

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